The best tips and tricks for Online Casinos

If you are looking for online Casinos with which you are guaranteed to win, you can basically end your search, because there are not. Nevertheless, I can show some tips by which one can minimize losses.

It is clear that every player has his own strategies and moods when it comes to playing Online Casinos. One of them varies his bets abruptly, the other swears to a special game, which always saves him at the end and again others play only at full moon. In the end, and at least in the long term, almost all share the same fate: more losses than profits.

Of course, there are always exceptions and players who spend more than 100,000 or even a million in an Online Casino. But this is usually more and more due to luck than the action of a special trick or strategy.

If you are looking for a Trick or a strategy that promises guaranteed profits, you should end your search immediately, because this is simply not available.  There are only tips that allow for reasonable games and thereby minimize the losses.You should therefore consider playing as what it is: a pastime or a Hobby and not a source of income. If you win, it is beautiful and if not, then you should not have used so high amounts that you get into Existencnot.
The best Trick is to play wisely

After over 3 years in which I play in various Online Casinos, I have made some important experiences:

  •     It doesn't matter how much you've won or lost in an Online casino before. You can continue to win or lose at the same Casino. It is even often so that after a high profit even more follow.
  •     The amount of deposits, do not necessarily increase the chances of achieving a big profit.
  •     The individual games (slot games) make little difference. If it works, then often at almost all games.

On the basis of these findings, there are only a few sensible strategies that really work in the long term and these are in the proper handling of his personal Bankroll. These tips and strategies differ from player to player, since each player has different financial resources. Good strategies for reasonable playing could look like this:

#1 play where chances of winning are appropriate to the risk of loss.

    It should only be played where the chances of winning are adequate to the risk of loss. Gambling houses should be completely avoided. The game Capital is better saved in reputable online Casinos. The payout ratio can only be estimated in gaming libraries and the machine manufacturers do not have to adhere to quotas. In addition, the maximum profits are not adequate to the risk. In reputable online Casinos, the odds are regularly checked at over 90% and it is theoretically possible to win millions.

# 2 set a reasonable Budget

    You should set a Budget at the beginning of a month or week, which you can easily afford to lose. This is basically the best tip for Online Casinos or gambling in General, and this should not be broken.

#3 don't put everything on a card

    Do not use all available capital on a single day, but distribute it evenly over the entire month. For example, with a monthly gaming capital of € 500, it is better to use€ 30 every 2 days than to force his luck with his entire gaming capital. This can work, but it often does not. Often it is even so that profits come when you do not expect it and without great advance losses.

#4 winnings can also be paid out

    At higher winnings you should also pay out a little. Since a lucky streak can keep winning, but not everything should be paid out. It is best to continue playing with 20% to a maximum of 50% of the winning amount. If profits are made, a maximum of 50% of the newly added funds will be used again until new profits are lost. With a net profit of € 300, a good € 150 can be risked again, at€ 10,000 or more, 50% would be far overdrafted.

#5 high stakes: only in safe Zone

    If you are in a safe area, even high stakes from 10€ per Spin can be driven. If it continues on high stakes now, the chances of the Jackpot are high.  For high stakes, however, tip No. 4 should not be forgotten!


In recent years I have tried everything possible and even bought and tested some Tricks for Mercury vending machines. As expected, however, none of it worked, but was just a waste of money. If I had followed these 5 listed tips myself always, I would certainly have run better in the long term.
Conclusion: no reliable strategies at slot games or Roulette

For Roulette but also for slot games there are thousands of sites on the Internet, which promise players with tips, Tricks and strategies higher profits. Such sites can be closed immediately in any case, as they never offer what they promise.

In contrast to blackjack, no player has in the past been able to gain a fortune in slot games or Roulette through targeted and legal Manipulation or by applying a special strategy. And the times when you could beat the Bank at blackjack have long gone. It decides, as when playing Lotto, pure luck whether and when to win.

There are, in principle, only a few tips and strategies that work in the long term, and these are, as trivial as it may sound, in the reasonable dealing with Online Casinos and gambling in General.

Now you know the tricks! Choose one of Canadian online casinos at and win!

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